Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Madness

Leihdieh Hou!

     This past week has been pretty good. Things are kind of going slower lately because everyone is gone for Easter, but we were able to meet with some new people. They all have really good potenial and you could see their desires change was we kept talking about the gospel with them. I think the area is starting to pick up again. That seems to happen a lot when a companion leaves haha! I won't be here much longer to teach them, but I'm glad Sister Percival will be busy teaching them. She is so awesome. I honestly don't know what I did to deserve such a patient and loving companion!
     One of the people we taught was our new investigator Martin! He actually met with missionaries a couple years ago and we found him on an old potentials list. He is looking for direction in his life because he's confused and wants to know if what he is doing is good or not. His friend went to jail and "found Jesus" and changed his life around so Martin wants to know if Christ can do the same thing for him. He doesn't really understand everything we say because it is all new to him, but he still wants to continue meeting with us and learn more. We are turning him over to the elders because he met with elders int he past but he is really good and has lots of potential!
     We have been working really well with our Relief Society and Young Women. Yeung Ji Muih our Relief Society president finally came back from Australia which made us so happy! She is so awesome! Yeung JM came with us to visit a less active and then afterwards said she was going to visit a couple more and wanted to know if we have time to join her. Of course la! :)

     We also had a Young Women activity where you dyed Easter eggs and it was a huge success! I didn't know it was more of a Western thing to dye Easter eggs so this was their first time doing it. Our only young woman Kooby brought two of her friends and our investigator Yuki and her mom Icy came as well. They loved it and so did I! They got really into it and I learned these teenagers are waaay more artistic than I am haha!

     Easter was lots of fun. Our member Yim Ji Muih gave us a big Easter eggs basket with dyed Easter eggs and made us cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. (The best things I have ever  had!) Then Sister Percival andI made herb chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggies for dinner. Yesterday was the closest I have come to true homemade Western food in a while haha! I hope all of you had a great Easter as well!

     I have watched the #PrinceOfPeace video multiple times every night leading up to Easter and it just helps me remember that even after the most stressful or depressing days, the Savior can give us peace. I am so grateful He was willing to sacrifice His life for us and was able to overcome death so that all of us can obtain eternal life. Heavenly Father created an amazing plan for us and that includes the Savior's Atonement. His resurrection was what completed the Atonement. I know that my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ lives and He is watching over all of us today. Reach out to Him. Rely on Him.
Scripture of the Week: Alma 37:6 By small and simple things great thigns are come to pass.
Quote of the Week: Do the small and simple things (prayer, scripture study, church, etc) to overcome the big and complicated things (L. Whitney Clayton)

Sister Maggie Shiffert
Easter egg dying activity with our young women :) (Belvinee. Kooby, me, Nicole, Sister Percival, Yuki)

Dying Easter eggs is a must!

Happy 1 1/2 year mark to me and Sister Kessen!

A nice Welch Easter dinner! It tasted like home!

Our member Sister Yim loves us way too much!


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