Monday, March 28, 2016

Ask And Ye Shall Receive...

Leihdeih Hou!

     Happy (belated) Easter! I hope all of you had an awesome Easter and ate lots of chocolate for me! They don't celebrate Easter or really recognize the holiday here, but it was still a really good day! Sister Dolben and I had an Easter miracle that we have been waiting for since we became companions. 

     So the Lord has REALLY been testing our patience and faith this transfer. A lot of the investigators that Sister Redd and I were meeting with have been ignoring me and sister Dolben ever since Sister Redd left, which is so sad because I thought they had a lot of potential. Sister Dolben and I determined from the start of the transfer that we were going to get a lot of new investigators. Well, that is easier said than done. Week after week went by with no success of finding new investigators. We were talking to so many people and working so hard, but the new investigators were not coming like we expected. So last Sunday, Sister Dolben and I decided to fast together that we would find a new investigator this week. We knew the Lord was testing our faith and patience big time, but we were determined to keep working hard with no doubts, only faith. We talked to a lot of people this past week and rescheduled a couple of people with a lot of potential, and we even had a turn over scheduled from sisters in the Kowloon area, but all of our lessons fell through. We had scheduled to meet a woman we met on the street a couple weeks ago named Ms. Gei or Gei Siu Je and she was  our last hope at getting a new investigator this week. And she came! We were able to teach her about the plan of salvation and she took the lesson so well! We read the Book of Mormon with her and she said she had a really nice feeling as she was reading and both Sister Dolben and I were like "Yessss!" on the inside (obviously we couldn't say it out loud, but we were both thinking it haha!). She is coming to church Sunday and we are going to meet with her afterwards. EASTER MIRACLE! Our weeks are from Monday to Sunday and this all happened late last night, so the Lord literally could not have given us Gei SJ any later.

     My testimony of prayer and fasting is so strong and has grown SO much! I know the Lord was answering our fast and I know it's because we had total faith that this companionship fast was going to bring so many miracles. The Lord hears and answers our prayers; it just may not be in the way or time-frame we expect it to be. Never lose faith in the Lord. If you have a problem or really want the Lord to answer you, fast and pray for it. I promise that the combination of fasting and prayer will truly bring you miracles and blessings. Don't expect it to come according to your plans, but trust that it will come according to the Lord's plans and that He knows what's best for you. 

     The week wasn't too interesting except for that, but I hope you enjoyed hearing about my Easter miracle :) I hope all of you have a great week and enjoy general conference! Watch it for me! Because of the time difference, we don't get to watch it until April 9th and 10th, but I am SO excited! Conference is the best time of the year! You learn so much and the speakers are always so inspiring and powerful. I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it! I love all of you and I will talk with you next week!
Scripture of the Week: Ether 12:6 The Lord will perform miracles after the trial of your faith. 
Quote of the Week: The past is learned from, not lived in. Faith is always pointing towards the future. (Elder Dube)

Sister Maggie Shiffert

​We discovered there are a lot of stores in Yuen Long that sell items in bulk that are so much cheaper than in the grocery store, so Sister Dolben and I went a little crazy one night... Haha!

​Easter dinner! Pork chops, rice, and veggies with an onion gravy sauce thing :)

​EASTER MIRACLE! One new investigator!
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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Week of Inspiration

Leihdeih Hou!

     This week had a couple exciting things happen. The first was that we went on exchanges again and I left Yuen Long and went to Butterfly! It was a nice area and it was exciting to see a different part of the zone. I was paired with Sister Hoxer and she is super sweet. This is only her third transfer and she's already training, so she's an awesome missionary. I had fun learning how they do things in Butterfly. Some people don't like moving around during exchanges, but I think it's a great learning experience and a great way to see how other people are doing the work. 

     We also had stake conference and Elder Brent H. Neilson from the Seventy came and spoke to us! I have to admit, it was a little nice hearing a talk where I could understand everything that was being said haha! (He spoke in English and had a translator). He gave two great talks, one during the adult sessions and one during the general session. My favorite point he made was about burying our weapons of rebellion. He retold the story of the Lamanites in the Book of Mormon where they bury all their weapons and make a covenant with God to not fight anymore, and then he asked, "What are your weapons of rebellion?" It could be not keeping the Sabbath day, neglecting to read your scriptures, being prideful, anything. He explained that when we bury our weapons of rebellion, that is when we become truly converted to the Lord and this gospel. It was a really good self-evaluation question for me. I realized I have some weapons of rebellion I need to bury and I know that once I do, I will be an even better instrument in the Lord's hands and be able to better help the people I serve. So what are your weapons of rebellion that you need to bury in order to become converted unto the Lord?

     HIs wife also gave amazing talks. Sister Neilson made the point that the scriptures are the language of our Heavenly Father. So if we want to be able to communicate and understand what He is trying to direct us to do, we need to read our scriptures daily. I never thought of it that way, but it is so true! She also shared what she called The Parable of the Peach Tree. There are three types of people that approach the peach tree in different ways. The first group settles for eating the rotten fruit that has fallen to the ground. The second group climbs to the top of the peach tree to get the most delicious peaches. The third group knows the best fruit is at the top of the tree, but doesn't know how to reach it. We should be at the top of the tree hoping those on the ground climb to the top so they too can eat the sweet peaches/obtain the same wonderful blessings this gospel has to offer. 

     I hope all of you have a wonderful week and wonderful Easter! Remember the reason we celebrate Easter and ponder about how Jesus Christ and His Atonement has blessed your life. I know Christ and His Atonement has blessed me so much in my life and my testimony of our Savior and Redeemer only grows stronger every day. Happy Early Easter!
Scripture of the Week: 1 Corinthians 2:5 Put your faith in the power of God, not in the wisdom of man.
Quote of the Week: If you have been tempted to murmur, if you have doubt that leads to unbelief, if trials seem more than you can bear, turn to Him (Elder James B. Martino)

Sister Maggie Shiffert

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week, but here is one of me with Sister Hoxer!

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Not Again!

Leihdeih Hou!

     So some exciting stuff this week. Last week we went to go see 10,000 Buddha's. It was a really cool place, but unfortunately pictures weren't allowed in most places because Buddha is sacred here. You climb up this mountain (really steep climb so I got a nice workout from it lol) and about halfway up the mountain there is a temple with literally 10,000 Buddha's inside. They are mostly really small (2-3 inches tall) but the fact that they completely cover the walls and that there are literally 10,000 of them is pretty neat to see!

     Here's the funny story of the week. We got locked out of our apartment. Again. And this time it was actually our fault...Haha! One of the sisters accidentally pressed the button on the doorknob that locked it and we still don't have a key for the actual doorknob. So the housing elders had to come for a third time to let us in our apartment. But they came in record time! Less than an hour! So that's was good. Now they are getting keys made for all of us lol! I guess they are tired of unlocking the doors for us!

     Also another less active miracle! So we have been working with a less active named Wan Ji Muih for the past couple months. She knows she needs to come to church if she wants her family to have a stronger relationship but she finds it a struggle to get up and go. She'll tell us she'll go to all of these ward activities and church and everything but then she never does. But this past Saturday we had a stake Relief Society activity and Wan JM called us and asked what time it was, and she actually came! It was a huge miracle and a huge step for her! I was so happy to see her! She talked with the bishop and couple of members and seemed to enjoy it. Here's the biggest miracle of them all. WE were sitting in sacrament meeting and halfway through she walks in the door. I about died from shock and happiness right then and there! You have no idea how surprised I was! These less actives just keep surprising me from out of nowhere! Then I wanted to cry because I realized that Wan JM doesn't live in our ward boundaries and we won't be able to help her further progress. Bishop told us yesterday morning that we need to let the elders in her ward teach her. It's so chaam! We have been working so hard with her the past couple months and now that she's progressing, we have to turn her over to the elders. I guess we did everything the Lord wanted us to do with her and now it's time to move on to bigger and better things. 

     Busy week this past week, but it was still good! I'll talk with you next week! Have a great week!
Scripture of the Week: Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord. Go to Him in prayer and trust whatever His answer may be. 
Quote of the Week: Heavenly Father is constantly raining blessings upon us, but it is our fear, doubt, and sin that like an umbrella block these blessings from reaching us (President Dieter F. Uchtdorf)

Sister Maggie Shiffert

​Yay for being locked out of your apartment part 3! 

​Look at all those Buddha statues....

Pictures weren't allowed inside, but there are 10,000 Buddhas in there.
The group of sisters we went with!

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Keep On Keepin' On

Leihdeih Hou!

     I'm afraid there isn't much to report on this week. We've been busy with lessons and studying so nothing too exciting going on recently. However I did fail to mention last week that since my companion and Sister Leonard's companion are Sister Training Leaders, we get to go on exchanges together when they have meetings. Just like the MTC days! Except for this time, we have a better idea of what in the world we're doing! Haha! I'm waiting for the day when we end up as actual companions in the field. We've been together this much so far, so we might as well! We went on exchanges a couple of times this week but we have a tendency to get lost. Well we don't get lost, but we always get on the wrong train going to wrong direction. It's a problem. But it makes for funny adventures!

     Jasmine is progressing so much and is on track to be baptized! She seriously is the definition of a golden investigator. She takes our messages really well and understands the doctrine. She has shared with us some experiences that she's had since meeting with us and it is so evident that the Lord is working with her too. It's so awesome! She is striving so hard to keep all the commandments we share with her and really wants to change her life and knows thorough this gospel, she can. We didn't realize it when we set the date, but she is going to be baptized on Easter. It's going to be such a special day!

     Yuen Long is continually growing and progressing. It's ready to have some new members and the members seem ready to help us. There was a period of time last transfer where things were going okay, but the work was very slowly moving along. But now it's booming and growing so much. Sister Dolben and I are going to make some miracles happen in Yuen Long! We've determined we are not leaving until we do :)

     Sorry it's so short this week, but I hope all of you have a great week! Talk to you next Monday!
Scripture of the Week: D&C 10:5 When in doubt, pray. The Lord will help you conquer the obstacles in your life. 
Quote of the Week: True obedience is giving ourselves entirely to Him and allowing Him to chart our course, both in calm waters and in troubles ones, understanding that He can make more of us than we could ever make for ourselves (Elder Von G. Keetch) 

Sister Maggie Shiffert

​We discovered the best noddle place ever while on exchanges!

​We love Jasmine so much!
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